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Unify data, monitor consumption and track progress against KPIs.

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Energy Management Software

Disorganised data is fuelling your energy costs

Without access to clear, validated, real time data your energy management programme could stall. If you have experienced any of these problems with your data, you need energy management software:

  • Energy consumption data is disparate and disorganised
  • Data management consumes more time than managing energy use
  • Real-time access to consumption data and alerts is not available
  • One size fits all dashboards frustrate users
  • Energy management interface is confusing or laborious to use
  • Poor data quality reduces trust in predictive analytics
  • Pathway to Net Zero unclear
  • Utility bills unverified and uncontrolled

Get instant access to the data, reporting and analysis you need with energy management software

Empower users with accurate data, actionable alerts and dashboards that put energy reduction goals in reach

Stunning dashboards

Customise easy to use, engaging, interactive dashboards. Let users see the energy impact of their actions in real time and drive change building by building.

User friendly interface

Navigate across all aspects of the platform quickly and easily. View an advanced or express interface depending on user experience level.


Pick and choose from a wide selection of modules, pricing options and deployment models to meet your needs.


Manage your energy across locations. MRI's energy management software is available in 20 languages, supports local currencies, conversions and time zones.

Hardware independent

Import and export data from a wide range of systems and formats from anywhere on the planet.


Add users, data points, and functionality to grow the system to your requirements.

Customise your platform with the services your need to achieve your energy goals

Data collection

Energy Management Software - Data

Data collection

Collect data from any system, source or format. As long as the data exists somewhere, we can collect it.

Anomaly detection

Energy Management Software - Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection

Detect anomalies and generate automatic alarms for data outside of tolerated levels and notify users by email.

Sustainability management

Energy Management Software - Sustainability management

Sustainability management

Track and manage energy consumption, carbon emissions, solar and wind generation, waste and recycling with built in reports, templates and analysis techniques.

Utility bill management

Software for energy management

Utility bill management

Analyse energy in terms of cost or utility tariffs. Create and monitor budgets. Compare and verify bill values against collected meter data.

Energy analysis

Energy Management Software - Energy Analysis

Energy analysis

Perform broad analysis of energy data using a wide range of techniques. Create ‘virtual’ meters for data aggregation and plant efficiency.


software for energy management


Create tailored dashboards for distribution to individuals or groups for instant access to key business metrics throughout your organisation.

Tenant billing

software for energy management

Tenant billing

Save cost by automatically billing tenants for utilities usage.

Solar monitoring

Energy Management Software - Solar Monitoring

Solar monitoring

Get unmatched visibility and reporting of pv portfolio performance.

Key Facts

Energy price fluctuations are squeezing profits and putting businesses at risk

Energy price fluctuations are squeezing profits and putting businesses at risk

Energy costs are rising higher and faster than ever seen before. So, it’s no surprise that energy use has shot to the top of the management agenda.

Consumption data is the key to reduction and control.

The problem is it isn’t simple to collect and share energy data in ways that drive action and measurable change right across the organisation.

That’s where our solution comes in. We’re trusted by global brands to help them drive change to manage and reduce energy.

How? Because good energy management software brings data to life.

Let us help you get your energy costs under control. Book a demo now.


Property Occupiers

Drive down energy costs - now one of the largest occupancy costs. All aligned with meeting sustainability goals, shareholder and stakeholder demands.

Real estate owners & investors

Drive down operating costs on buildings and support energy usage reduction, in-line with Net Zero pledges. Includes specialist features for billing tenants.

FM contractors & managing agents

Add new service lines for energy management to retain and win new contracts, through cutting edge technology.


A powerful analytics engine combined with carbon reporting capabilities, dashboarding and the ease of proving savings go hand in hand with managing clients' end to end utility microgrid requirements.


Designed to combat the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) challenges of energy intensive industrial environments manage energy, our software helps meet carbon reporting requirements and cost reduction targets.


Provides all the tools you need to identify, monitor and maintain energy savings within manufacturing processes and building/laboratory management.

Your energy goals are only three steps away

1. Book a demo

Tell us about your energy usage, the challenges you face and the nature and scale of your business and we'll show you how MRI will help you achieve your energy goals.

2. Project roll out

After piloting 2-3 sites we'll implement our ISO 9001 accredited Project Roll Out to ensure your success. We'll configure the interface and dashboards to your needs, validate data quality and support you through hand over.

3. Dial down energy costs

With comprehensive and reliable data and predictive analytics you will be able to manage and reduce energy, carbon and costs to achieve your goals.

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