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Make key decisions on your assets with confidence using complete asset management solutions

Creating value and imagining the future is at the heart of every successful Asset Manager. But today’s markets are becoming increasingly challenging to navigate alone. Every day is unpredictable, making it difficult to analyse investment opportunities, forecast asset performance and manage risk. Whether you require asset management at the investment or property level, MRI Software provides a solution which helps turn challenges into opportunities.

Make confident decisions with advanced asset management software

Analyse data

Get the right tools to evaluate development plans and capital projects, maximise return potential, and forecast asset and portfolio performance.

Agile decision-making

With integrated asset management capabilities and access to financial models, you can easily analyse investment opportunities and identify risks.

Maximise revenues

Our Investment suite allows asset managers to easily collaborate with leasing agents to strategically maximise tenant revenue and retention.

System integration

MRI’s asset management software is fully integrated with our Financials, Investment, Property Management and Facilities Management solutions.


  • Create winning strategies by managing asset data in one place, preventing inaccuracies and enabling the highest levels of collaboration.

  • Access every piece of asset data in your portfolio, and confidently execute on strategies by using intelligent structures to drill into the levels of detail you require.

  • Adopt easy-to-use, attractive software with a modern user interface and intuitive dashboards that are configured for all user types.

  • Satisfy your investors and stakeholders by improving visibility of issues, progress and outcomes.

  • Make confident decisions on your assets whatever the climate by leveraging a range of specialised solutions which plug directly into your asset management platform.

[ebook] Why dedicated tech is now a neccessity for profitable real estate investment

Software is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for organisations managing real estate investments. Only dedicated digital solutions can be truly relied upon for the critical decision-making and strategic planning involved. Explore our ebook to learn how tech can provide a foundational platform for success.

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Strategically plan for the future with an asset management tool which fully integrates with our investment suite, giving you every possible angle on your assets and portfolios.

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